The Independent Film Open Mic'rs

Open Mic’rs - The Movie

    WoodWorks Films current production features "Caddyshack" star Cindy Morgan. She portrays a jaded celebrity judge who helps the owner of a comedy club select a new MC from an eyebrow-raising group of would-be yucksters. Mia Lee Bauman, Chris Bauman, Dave Dugan, John Joseph, Gavin Goode, Apollo Bacala, Joe Urban, Jim Peterson, George Starkey,  Artie Widgery, "Tonight Show" veteran Hank McGill and many more share the stage in this mockumentary.

    Artie plays horse farmer Harry Harlin. A widower, Harry specializes in horse psychiatry. He believes that most horse’s problems stem from an out of balance colon. (Good bacteria vs. bad bacteria) He believes his deceased wife Clara is one of his horses reincarnate, and talks to the horse Clara as if she’s his wife.

    Farmers from all over the county bring their horses to Harry and he evaluates them with Inkblot tests, word association tests, bio fields screening, telepathy and of course, a high colonic. Harry’s reason for wanting to do stand up is because the horses think he’s funny. They’ve told him so.

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