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Being put on hold happens to everyone almost everyday and sometimes more that once a day. Dreadful and repetitive music thatís either too loud or not loud enough. A voice that sounds like its being read from the company handbook with no excitement and no flare. Just flat, boring, insipid and not very entertaining. Entertaining? Yes entertaining!


On Hold Theater is Telephotainment (Telephone + Entertainment) and is outstandingly funny and remarkably useful. On Hold Theater can do so much more than entertain.

*Puts callers at ease and helps to erase any bad mood or confrontational reason for their call.


*Assists the caller with company information in an entertaining audio production that they will remember.


*Make long waits on hold not seem so long. Eventually, they really wonít care.


*They always ask to be put back on hold because they may miss something hilarious.


*And, they will tell everyone!


Your company message is important. Make it memorable with On Hold Theater. Think of On Hold Theater as sketch comedy snippets with your message being the star. Humor breaks down barriers quickly, easily and effectively. 

On Hold Theater is the answer to every companyís desire to achieve "Top of Mind Awareness!"

Your companyís On Hold Theater collection doesnít need to be very long. 3 to 5 minutes can last a company 3 to 5 years.

Ten to twenty comedy snippets can be custom produced to speak directly about your industry, your business and, if you wish, your personnel.  

Get started now with one email to artie@artiewidgery.com containing your company information and your budget constraints. Iíll get you a concept and a timeline for completion almost immediately.  

Donít wait because if I get busy you might have to wait.  


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